Ten-dollar Juices Buy Erica Huss a $2.25 M. Pad At One Brooklyn Bridge Park

With an in-home diet that's "95 percent raw," we doubt Ms. Huss will be getting much use from the oven and microwave.

With an in-home diet that’s “95 percent raw,” we doubt Ms. Huss will be getting much use from the oven and microwave.

What does a $65-a-day juice habit buy you? As a consumer, you might not come away with much more than hunger pangs and the ability to fit into your old high school clothes if you keep it up for long enough. If you’re juice purveyor Erica Huss, co-founder of Blueprint Cleanse, on the other hand, it buys quite a bit: a $2.25 million waterfront condo in Brooklyn Heights, to be exact.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses may be gone, but the suspension-of-disbelief remains: Ms. Huss just picked up a massive two-bedroom-plus-den at One Brooklyn Bridge Park, according to city records.

The unit is a duplex, with the entrance, living and dining rooms on the top floor, and the two bedrooms plus an interior, windowless family room on the lower level, for a grand total of 2,190 square feet. An while the kitchen is just an island away from being a kitchenette, but given that Ms. Huss’s daytime diet is “95 percent raw” and juice, we’re guessing she won’t mind. All of the bedrooms and the living room have western exposures, looking out onto the Financial District and the New York Harbor, and the unit comes with a 342-square foot outdoor cabana.

Sellers Michael Jackson and Nicole Tolmie should be pleased with themselves, as Samantha Reiss at Corcoran earned them a healthy half million dollar profit on their $1.7 million buy. Many early purchasers at 360 Furman Street got burned, buying in 2008 and having to either hold onto their units or take a haircut off the purchase price—one recent seller lost $240,000 on a similarly priced unit, and another lost $350,000—but Mr. Jackson and Ms. Tolmie timed their purchase just right. (Elizabeth Stribling, on the other hand, will have to wait a while before recouping her $6.6 million penthouse chief among them)

Mr. Jackson and Ms. Tomie, however, waited until 2010 to buy, when the city’s real estate market was near its nadir, and made a tidy profit now that the market is well on its way back up.