AMC’s New Show Makes a Geek’s Special Wish Come True

The channel hasn't reached peak nerd yet.

Nerd. (Photo: Flickr)

Nerd. (Photo: Flickr)

Every nerd has dreamed a dream and now AMC wants to make it come true. The network has ordered a pilot hosted by Ready Player One author Ernest Cline. Tentatively titled Geek Out, the reality program will to travel across the country, surprising the type of people you’ve always wondered about, like your neighbor Ralph who brags about his Starship Enterprise replica.

Then Mr. Cline and a soon-to-be announced cohost (our guess is probably a fired G4 host) fulfill their geekiest dreams by offering an “awesome, otherwise unattainable experience related to their obsession,” said a release from the channel

“I tried to come up with a show that would celebrate what it means to be a geek, that would also be a total blast for me to host,” Mr. Cline told Wired.

Geek Out‘s nerdy appeal fits nicely with the channel’s other dorky programs like The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead, a live talk show about the zombie series hosted by Chris Hardwick.

Hopefully the bright lights and human interaction won’t scare the geeks away.