Booting Up: WhatsApp Denies They’re Selling to Google

This is not an Apple store. (Photo:

This is not an Apple store. (Photo:

Ron Johnson, the guy who created Apple’s gleaming retail stores, has now been fired from his job as CEO of J.C. Penney. Turns out doing away with coupons was not a very popular strategy. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

“Why do people watch tightrope walkers? Not to see them get to the other side. It’s because they might fall. Not everything you do is going to be successful, but that’s part of the allure.” A look back at the creation of Wired. [Ad Week]

It was only acquired by Twitter six months ago, but Vine just took the number-one spot on Apple’s leaderboard for free apps. [TechCrunch]

The messaging app WhatsApp denies they’re selling out to Google. [AllThingsD]

“It’s Big Brother, sort of, but with a good intent.” Thank God we all got out of college before the advent of ebooks that can track your progress. [New York Times]