Bearded Jon Hamm and Elmo Make Each Other Hard…Sculptures! (Video)

They make each other hard sculptures!

Elmo and Jon Hamm make art. (PBS)

Elmo and Jon Hamm make art. (PBS)

Thank God for Sesame Street, which at its most base level is still 100 times more interesting than Mad Men. Jon Hamm’s relief is almost palpable as he explains the art of sculpting to children; safe, for a brief moment, from the tyrannical directions of Matthew Weiner, forcing him to drink fake whiskey and look angry all the time for no reason.

Though when you think about it, the implications of Mr. Hamm’s famous genitalia being so close to Elmo–who until recently, was voiced by Kevin Clash–are somewhat disturbing. Best not to think about it too hard.

…That’s what she said. (Dammit!)