Booting Up: Dish Network’s Chairman Thinks He’s Jerry Seinfeld

Charlie Ergen? (Photo: NBC)

Charlie Ergen? (Photo: NBC)

Dish Network announced today that it has submitted a $25.5 billion bid for Sprint Nextel in an effort to circumvent an offer from Japanese telecom company SoftBank. Charlie Ergen, the chairman of Dish, related the company’s purchasing strategy to the plot of Seinfeld: “You initially didn’t know exactly where things were going, but it seemed to all come together in the end.” [New York Times]

Facebook Home has only been out for three days, but that’s totally enough time to call it a failure. Out of 4,000 reviews, roughly 47 percent of users gave it a 1-star rating. [Daily Dot]

Foxconn is adding 10,000 new employees to its ranks as it prepares for the launch of the next Ping Home iPhone. [CNet]

Cornell’s planned high-tech campus on Roosevelt Island is still years away, but some of the classes are getting started in a nondescript, third-floor loft in Chelsea. [New York Times]

Baidu, a.k.a “Chinese Google,” has opened an artificial intelligence lab in Silicon Valley to look for top talent to join the growing company. [ZDNet]