Booting Up: Facebook Now Knows What You Do Offline

Chat Heads IRL. (Photo: The Verge)

Chat Heads IRL. (Photo: The Verge)

Just hours after Google announced it’s bringing Fiber to Austin, AT&T announced its “intent” to build an equally as powerful fiber network of its own in the Texas city. Now if only Seamless upped its game, no one would ever go outside. [Engadget]

The first of Facebook Home reviews are out! Chat Heads (a.k.a. the only feature we’re enamored by) aren’t quite living up to hype. Users are limited to four Chat Heads at a time, they sometimes will randomly disappear from the screen, and it only works with Facebook Messenger. [The Verge]

If all goes well, Facebook will know more about you than your family does. Later today, it’s unveiling a new advertising tool to help #brands better target the site’s users based on their offline spending history. How does Zuck know what you do IRL?  Data from third-party marketing companies. [Wall Street Journal]

Here’s one way to review SimCity 5: “The game lacks political parties or elections, but it requires a liberal mindset to build a better city—and you can only imagine what happens when a player imposes sequestration on that city.” Are they aware it’s a computer game? [New Republic]

Apple’s iMessage and Face Time chat services have returned after five hour outage that left some wondering if life could go on. [GigaOm]