Booting Up: Jack Dorsey Wants to Disrupt Your Big Mac

GOOD MORNING. (Photo: Google+)

GOOD MORNING. (Photo: Google+)

News broke late Friday night that daily deals site LivingSocial was hacked, exposing the personal data of 50,000,000 users. [New York Times]

Robert Scoble showered in his pair of Google Glass and everyone on the Internet cried themselves to sleep. [Google Plus]

Jack Dorsey has a new plan for world domination: revamping how McDonald’s charges you for that Big Mac. [USA Today]

Facebook is losing users quickly as many decamp for new social network experiences on platforms like Path. According to one study, just last month the site lost 6 million U.S. users, a 4 percent drop. [The Guardian]

What you Google can predict how the stock market behaves. Time to buy all the stocks in “Sergey Brin arms” then? [BBC]

Zuck apparently wears a t-shirt while swimming in the ocean. Who’s surprised? [Valleywag]