Booting Up: Just Two More Days of Facebook Phone Gossip to Deal With!

Mr. Allen is signing...a lease?? (Photo: Flickr)

Mr. Allen is signing…a lease?? (Photo: Flickr)

We’re another day closer to the fabled Facebook phone release so images are leaking out of what the supposed Android-based OS is going to look like. Hint: it’s blue! [CNET]

Say hi to your newest your coworker, Silicon Valley. It’s Paul Allen! The Microsoft cofounder is opening a new investment office under the Vulcan Capital name. [PEHub]

A Federal Court ruled yesterday that one simply can not resell their iTunes-purchased songs thus endangering the future of music site But it’s not all bad news. This is probably the most press ReDigi has ever received! [AllThingsD]

Allan Kay, computer pioneer and the man who coined the phrase “The best way to predict the future is to invent it,” is the subject of a lengthy profile. [TIME]

Fresh off Aereo’s win in appeals court yesterday (where judges denied TV networks their request for an injunction), CEO Chet Kanojia is predicting that broadcasters will take the issue to Congress. [The Verge]