Budweiser’s ‘Buddy Cup’ Forces You to Drunkenly Facebook Friend Strangers

We prefer our Bud Light Lime in a bottle, but thanks.

Buddy Cup. (Photo: YouTube)

Technology. (Photo: YouTube)

In the olden times, clinking your beers together with a stranger was a sign of celebration—a mutual agreement that things were about to get weird. The fact that you’d never have to see them again or explain why you puked down the front of your shirt was a significant part of the appeal. Now, Budweiser is about to destroy that sacred experience with the introduction of the Buddy Cup.

It’s a high-tech goblet containing a chip that connects to your Facebook account. Once you tap that glass with another Buddy Cup, it friends them to bring the “brand even closer to its consumers and opening new levels of interaction,” since talking is the worst. The life-ruining technology is currently being tested in Brazil, so we’re safe.

We’d be on board if the cup also told us everyone’s STD background…for research.