Christie: Super Bowl attendees should not be afraid due to Boston Marathon bombing

LONG BRANCH – The recent bombing at the Boston Marathon should not make people hoping to attend the upcoming Super Bowl at the Meadowlands feel uneasy.

Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday he has complete faith that the people in charge of securing the event will keep attendees safe.

“The Super Bowl is an ongoing conversation that’s been going on for the last two years regarding security. They don’t need my help. It’s a national security event [that’s] being run by the Secret Service in coordination with the New Jersey State Police and others,” Christie said during a press conference here.

“I am absolutely confident that you cannot compare the security around the Super Bowl with the security that’s at the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is what we all in law enforcement used to call a ‘soft event.’ You’re not going to ‘magnetometer’ every person who walks in like you do with the Super Bowl,” he said. “It’s a totally different event.”

The Super Bowl is scheduled next year at the Meadowlands.