Daily News Mistakenly Runs 1980’s Central Park Rapist Report Again

A screenshot of the article on The Daily News site.

A screenshot of the article on The Daily News site.

Earlier this morning, an old article appeared on The Daily News website about the infamous Central Park Jogger case.

“A 28-year-old investment banker who regularly jogged in Central Park was repeatedly raped, viciously beaten and left for dead by a wolf pack of more than a dozen young teenagers who attacked her at the end of an escalating crime spree,” read the article from 1989. Five black and Latino juveniles were convicted in and served 11 years in prison before their case was vacated and they were found not guilty based on DNA evidence.

The case, which created a media storm both when it was originally reported and when the five men were found to not be guilty in 2002, has sparked outrage both for the city and for the way it was covered in the press at the time. The re-posting of the article as if it were a recent development also generated a small storm of commentary on Twitter today, many commenters lambasting the News for what they saw as a poor April Fool’s Day hoax.

A source in the Daily News, however, said it was simply a mistake.

“It was a test of the content management system with an advertorial about an upcoming documentary about the case,” he explained. “It was up for five minutes and it’s since been removed and the advertorial will run on April 10th.”

Update (6:21):  “The Daily News is working an historical package of coverage about the Central Park Five,” The News said in an emailed statement. “A member of the paper’s online staff inadvertently published an archived story about the case into our news feed. The link has been taken down.”