Down to the Wire: Digg Plans to Launch a Google Reader Replacement in June

Also, you're likely going to have to cough up some cash.

2 soon 2 say goodbye

2 soon 2 say goodbye

It liiives! Digg says a beta version of its Reader replacement will debut in June. The timing makes sense, as Google plans to pull the plug on the original RSS product July 1. The clock is ticking, here. 

Today the team released the results of a second batch of surveys, designed to suss out users’ preferences when it comes to features. Almost half of those surveyed said they’d never used Reader’s social features (cut in 2011), so don’t expect much at launch. But “ultimately we believe that social features which foster connections between readers will be an important part of the Digg experience.”

The bad news: It’s probably not going to be free. (Come on, you’re willing to cough up for Instapaper). From the post:

“Free products on the Internet don’t have a great track record. They tend to disappear, leaving users in a lurch. We need to build a product that people can rely on and trust will always be there for them. We’re not sure how pricing might work, but we do know that we’d like our users to be our customers, not our product. So when we asked survey participants whether or not they would be willing to pay, we were pleased to see that over 40% said yes.”

BRB, making a little room in the Betabeat budget.