East River Dolphins Disappear, Seal Cub Caught in Net and Dead Porpoise in Amagansett

Different seal, different net. (Getty Images)

Different seal, different net. (Getty Images)

Wondering whatever happened to those two bottleneck dolphins that were doing laps in the East River earlier this month? Yeah, us too. Strangely, there seems to be no updates past the intial spottings, and though no news is good news in these situations–dolphin death being instant click-bait for this messed up Internet world we live in–we can’t help but wonder where those two magestic specisims ended up. Did they find their way out of the East River? Back to the ocean? Did a rich entrepreneur skyjack the mackerel-eating mammals for their own personal dolphin pool? Why were the police so unhelpful? Please, tell us Riverhead Foundation!

But the not-for-profit foundation has its hands busy dealing with a new crisis to answer our calls about some lost dolphins.

So the same day that the second dolphin was spotted, a grey, spotted seal pup was spotted in Bridgehampton. Riverhead tracked the animal throughout the upcoming weeks, frequently updating its status on Facebook. And then there were more seals, possibly? But then yesterday, tragedy struck twice:

Today has been another busy day for biologists. We picked up a dead harbor porpoise in Amagansett and checked on two seals. One seal was in East Hampton but went back into the water. A second seal in Westhampton is in route back to the hospital. We’ve had several reports today of seals throughout the East End going in and out of the water. Please report all sightings to (631)369-9829.

A dead porpoise? How much worse could things get?

Nooo! Come on! We need some less depressing marine news around here. So what’s up with those dolphins?