Why Not Buy This Yacht From Eric Schmidt’s Ocean Research Institute?

For all those ocean-going expeditions.

Fly. (Photo: Prestige Yacht Auction)

Fly. (Photo: Prestige Yacht Auction)

So, how’d you do on your tax refund? Because we’ve just found the perfect way for you to seastead in style.

Behold the Lone Ranger, a salvage tug turned marine research vessel turned superyacht. Business Insider reports that the vessel, originally listed at $20 million, needs major work and so it’ll be auctioned at the Antibes Yacht Show on April 20, as-is, for somewhere between €3 million and €10 million.

Oh, did we mention it used to belong to the Schmidt Ocean Institute, the marine research foundation run by none other than gallivanting Google chairman Eric Schmidt? 

The organization received the ship as a donation in 2009 and has used it for four “research cruises.” (Here she is in action.) But now, the institute declares on its website, “the Lone Ranger begins a new chapter in her long and storied history as she is decommissioned from the scientific fleet of the Schmidt Ocean Institute to become a global expedition vessel once again.”

In other words, it’s ready to become your lavish, floating party palace/libertarian offshore paradise. The brochure trumpets:

“The yacht epitomises low key luxury, but most importantly offers the ideal platform for anyone wanting to explore the farthest flung corners of the world with their family.”

There’s an on-deck hottub and an indoor swimming pool.

Don’t worry, though: As far as we can tell, Mr. Schmidt still has his own superyacht, the 195-foot Oasis.