Aren’t You Just So, So Excited for Video Ads in Your Facebook News Feed?

Don't expect Facebook to listen to your whining.

Dr. Evil (Photo: Wikipedia)

Dr. Evil (Photo: Wikipedia)

Did you think that, in the rush to ship Facebook Home, Zuck & Co. would forget about their reported plans to introduce video ads–with autoplay–to your News Feed? Guess again! Ad Age says that Facebook is currently meeting with ad agencies, in the hopes of signing up clients in advance of a June or July launch. (This, despite the fact they’re still finalizing the product.)

Yes, we hear your wailing and gnashing of teeth at the thought of a News Feed cluttered with autoplaying videos, like some sort of early-Internet horror show. But don’t expect Facebook to listen to your complaints, because the company stands to make out like absolute bandits:

“In its own version of an upfront marketplace, Facebook is currently selling four daily summer ‘slots,’ each targeting a relatively large demographic: women over 30; women under 30; men over 30; and men over 30. The ads will be capped at 15 seconds and frequency capped to ensure that no user sees more than three per day, with an asking price of upwards of $1 million, according to one executive.”

That’s right: One million dollars. Ad Age calls the prospect that four advertisers will cough up that money every day “a big, and unlikely, if,” but that’s a pretty aggressive number to open negotiation.

God help Facebook if they ever try to integrate something like this into Instagram.