Mark Morris Dance Group

The Mark Morris Dance Group performing 'Crosswalk.' (© Stephanie Berger/MMDC)

The Mark Morris Dance Group performed 4 dances including 2 world premieres at the Mark Morris Dance Center on April 2, 2013.
The Office:
Dancers: Chelsea Lynn Acree, Laurel Lynch, Dallas McMurray, Maile Okamura, Spencer Ramirez, Billy Smith, Jenn Weddel
Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rita Donahue, Aaron Loux, Dallas McMurray, Amber Star Merkens, Miale Okamura, Jenn Weddel, Michelle Yard
Spencer Ramirez, Jenn Weddel
Chelsea Lynn Acree, Samuel Black, Benjamin Freedman, Brian Lawson, Aaron Loux, Laurel Lynch, Stacy Martorana, Dallas McMurray, Spencer Ramirez, Billy Smith, Noah Vinson
Credit: Stephanie Berger. All Rights Reserved.
Photo Credit: ©Stephanie Berger.

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