Get Outta Here!

All Work and a Lot of Play

Beaver Creek's Chophouse is a great place for mountain-side après-ski ExteriorActor S. Epatha Merkerson, also at the Blossom Ball, divulged even bigger upcoming plans: “I’m going to Luxembourg, but I’m going to work. I’m gonna do a film. I’ve never been there,” she told NYO. “I’m looking forward to just getting out of the country and in a new environment.”

We should have given her a few pointers, aside from enjoying the beautiful abbeys and winding Greco-Roman streets. Par example: take a 1 p.m. lunch at Ristorante Roma (—be sure to make a reservation. And, if the film’s budget permits, Ms. Merkerson should rest her weary head at the wondrous contemporary temple, Albert Premier Hotel ( She might want to even venture to the Luxembourg City History Museum, which features 17th- to 19th-century restored residences on Rue du Saint-Esprit and explores the thousand-odd years of Le Grand Duchy de Luxembourg (

Restaurateur and nightlife stud Ronnie Madra doesn’t have much time for holidays. “I never have a break!” he told us at his hot spot The Darby, which co-hosted the after-party for the screening of Olympus Has Fallen with the Cinema Society.

“If I take time off, I do it in the spring. I go to Miami or upstate New York.”

“Where do you stay?” NYO asked.

“I have a friend with a house out there; I think the hotels are not so great in Miami.”

Well now Mr. Madra, let’s be fair! The Mondrian, The Raleigh, Soho House, the W South Beach, the SLS and the newfangled James Royal Palm aren’t exactly dumps.

Mr. Madra however, did admit that he loves to hit the nightlife.

“I have my own party at the house, and then I like to go to Story Night Club. It’s a big club [, 136 Collins Avenue]. If I want chill time, I go to Casa Tua []. It’s very sexy,” he said with a come-hither smile.

Huddling with a group of pals toward the entrance of the club was the star of the film, Gerard Butler. We asked him how he planned to relax.

“I’ve already been in a lot of countries promoting this film,” he said. “I’ve been in eight weeks in Italy, France, Switzerland, Thailand, Colombia, Panama, Mexico. Some to just get away.”

We could only wonder if he had stayed at the mystical Tcherassi Hotel + Spa ( in Cartagena. It’s out-of-this-world design-porn.

“The best days I spent were skiing in Mont Blanc and on a motorbike going through the mountains of Thailand,” he said.
NYO knows that some of the world’s best skiing can be found at Chamonix (, but we’re a bit less informed about rural expeditions in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Speaking of fun in the sun, we asked Josh Taekman, co-founder of Eboost, a health-energy drink: should we follow everyone’s lead and go to Tulum? Or is the roaring art scene in Mexico City where it’s at? “Cabo San Lucas,” was his answer. I suppose a stay at the clandestine Capella Pedregal does a body good ( Then again, we’ll be sure to pack plenty of his Eboost to battle through our inevitable springtime vacation hangovers.

Get Outta Here!