Report: By 2016, Glassholes Will Be Practically Impossible to Avoid

Hope you like creepshots!

(Photo: Road to VR)

This guy won’t be a lonely outlier forever.(Photo: Road to VR)

Google Glass is already popping up in San Francisco and Brooklyn, and it seems every competitor is scrambling to develop their own prototype. So it’s not that surprising that, according to ZDNet, the tech industry is expected to ship 9.4 million units of the damn things (Glass and knock-offs) by 2016.

Like it wasn’t already awkward enough using public restrooms. 

That number comes from a report by IHS iSuppli. But there’s a caveat: The analysts admit that whether this prediction bears out depends largely on what developers create for the devices. “This is because the utility of Google Glass is not readily apparent, so everything will depend on the appeal of the apps,” the report says. Suggested use cases include live travel updates and nutritional information, for bonus quantified-self insufferableness.

If the specs end up being little more than a camera that sits on your face, the report hedges, shipments will likely be closer to a million units. Because you don’t actually need a camera that sits on your face.