Hendricks backs in-state tuition rates for children of undocumented aliens

TRENTON – The issue of what children of undocumented immigrants should pay for college came up before the Assembly Budget Committee Thursday.

Higher Education Secretary Rochelle Hendricks said she would “absolutely” support legislation that would charge children of undocumented aliens in-state tuition rates.

Hendricks said she has been looking “in that direction” regarding the tuition rates and has had discussions with Sen. Teresa Ruiz, (D-29), of Newark.

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, (D-38), of Englewood said he has some legislation that’s being drafted to address this issue.

In-state tuition rates are thousands of dollars less expensive than out-of-state rates.

For example, the N.J. Association of State Colleges and Universities stated that for fiscal year 2013 the statewide average in-state is $12,000, and for out-of-state $19,942.