Judge Holds Himself in Contempt After His Windows Phone Goes Off in Court

Going from a Blackberry to a Windows phone? Downgrade.

Hard to use. (Photo: betanews.com)

Hard to use. (Photo: betanews.com)

A judge in Michigan fully comprehends the intricacies of the law, but when it comes to Windows phones, he’s totally lost. Judge Raymond Voet held himself in contempt and paid a $25 fee after his not-so-smartphone accidentally went off during court proceedings.

Judge Voet decided that even he is not immune to his own rules: if an electronic device causes a courtroom disturbance, violators must receive a citation. During the prosecutor’s closing arguments, the former BlackBerry user said that his new Windows phone began emitting embarrassing voice commands:

“I’m guessing I bumped it. It started talking really loud, saying ‘I can’t understand you. Say something like Mom,'” he said.

Of course, ignorance of the law–or of how your smartphone works–isn’t a legitimate excuse.

“That’s an excuse, but I don’t take those excuses from anyone else. I set the bar high, because cellphones are a distraction and there is very serious business going on,” he said. “The courtroom is a special place in the community, and it needs more respect than that.”

 Perhaps Judge Voet should hold himself in contempt for purchasing a Windows phone.