Booting Up: Talent Agents Come to Silicon Valley to Say Show Me the Money

$$$! (Photo:

$$$! (Photo:

The personal computer business ain’t what it used to be, and Windows 8 might be hurting sales by simply confusing customers. [Wall Street Journal]

Yesterday, in an op-ed, Mark Zuckerberg announced the formation of, an immigration reform advocacy group. In the piece, he also revealed that he teaches entrepreneurship at a local after-school program.  Wonder what he told ’em about booted cofounders? [Washington Post]

It seems Silicon Valley is a little confused about its coordinates in California, because there’s now an agency devoted to representing software developers. [Businessweek]

“Explorer Edition” models of Google Glass will ship to developers within the next month. Get ready to see so many more randos sporting future specs! [TechCrunch]

Matthew Keys’ arraignment in the Anonymous case has been delayed until late April. [Huffington Post]