Michael Arrington Posts Legal Letter Demanding Jenn Allen Retract Her ‘Defamatory Statements’

The letter paints Ms. Allen as "a person who is distraught at a break-up, and angered that her ex-boyfriend entered into a new relationship."

Mr. Arrington (Photo: Flickr)

Mr. Arrington (Photo: Flickr)

Techcrunch founder and venture capitalist Michael Arrington posted a letter to his Uncrunched blog this evening regarding statements made by his ex-girlfriend, RTist.com founder Jenn Allen. In March, Ms. Allen alleged on her Facebook page that Mr. Arrington physically abused her. She later stated in the comments of a Gawker post that he also raped her.

A subsequent Gawker story also outlined claims that Mr. Arrington had abused other women, including ex-girlfriend Meghan Asha. He was also investigated in 1999 for misconduct against a female coworker when working at the company RealNames.

Mr. Arrington denied all allegations made against him earlier this week. Now, he has published a forceful letter from his legal counsel regarding the claims. The letter paints Ms. Allen as “a person who is distraught at a break-up, and angered that her ex-boyfriend entered into a new relationship.” It also contains a Facebook photo meant to serve as evidence that Ms. Allen was not in the same state as Mr. Arrington on March 5, 2012, the night she claims he raped her. That night, the letter says, Ms. Allen was in California while Mr. Arrington was in Washington.

The letter also contains private text messages and photos Ms. Allen sent to Mr. Arrington after the alleged rape occurred, in an attempt to prove that she had reached out to him after the alleged incident. (Ms. Allen has stated she had not spoken to Mr. Arrington since March of 2012.)

Unfortunately, there’s more:

Very regrettably, your actions here appear all too similar to your actions on May 18, 2011, when you emailed Michael that you were pregnant and were planning on having an abortion the following day (which was your birthday). You subsequently told Michael that you feigned the pregnancy and abortion in order to get him to communicate with you.

The letter concludes with the demand that Ms. Allen publicly retract all “defamatory statements” she has made against Mr. Arrington as they have injured his reputation. According to the letter, if Ms. Allen does not agree to retract her statements, “you will have left us with no choice but to proceed with legal action against you.” It continues:

Litigation is an absolute last resort for Michael, but we will pursue all options to undo the reputational injury caused by your misconduct. As that is our sole objective, to the extent any legal proceedings become necessary, Michael has pledged to donate to charity all amounts recovered.

Ms. Allen has not yet publicly responded on her Facebook or Twitter pages.