Morning Links: Baby Shower Edition

Tea cakes that one might serve as a baby shower. (Courtesy Chiot's Run/Flickr)

Tea cakes that one might serve as a baby shower. (Courtesy Chiot’s Run/Flickr)

The Oregon State Hospital, where One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was filmed, is now the Museum of Mental Health. [NYT]

Doyle auction house offers its second annual “street art” sale. [WSJ]

Stephanie Seymour throws a “lavish” baby shower for Julian Schnabel and May Anderson. [Page Six]

Canada’s Shary Boyle confirms that it is hard to do the Venice Biennale. [The Globe and Mail]

Blake Gopnik on the dangers of an overemphasis on exhibitions at museums. [The Art Newspaper via MAN]

Katya Kazakina looks at all of the foreign billionaires joining U.S. museum boards. Interesting fact: 20 percent of the New Museum’s board hails from abroad. [Bloomberg]

Jerry Saltz on the death of the gallery show. [Vulture/NYMag]

After three weeks of conflict over finances among family members and a court-appointed guardian, painter, collector and dealer Merton Simpson has been buried thanks to a grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission. [ArtsBeat]

Jacob Kassay’s show at Art:Concept in Paris sounds awesome. []

Morning Links: Baby Shower Edition