Museum Exhibitions Will Soon Travel to Movie Theaters for Some Reason

(Courtesy Getty Images)

(Courtesy Getty Images)

The Associated Press reports that world-famous art exhibitions are soon headed to a theater near you!

From the story:

It begins Thursday with a retrospective devoted to the portraits by Edouard Manet from the Royal Academy of Arts in London, screened to 450 theaters across the U.S. and about 600 around the globe, with many locations scheduling encore broadcasts.

Unlike the live opera broadcasts, the art presentations are slickly produced documentaries giving viewers a VIP guided tour of current or recently ended exhibitions from noted art historian Tim Marlow, who lingers on each of the displayed works and explains why they are special. Curator interviews, artist profiles and backstage tours fill out the 90-minute, high-definition show – for an average price of $12.50.

Is there any way I can pay more? It sounds so fun.