New App Masks the Embarrassing Sound of Your Poops

No more poop-shaming.

Remember this Oprah episode? (Photo:

Remember this Oprah episode? (Photo:

When you poop, does it sounds like a cavalcade of shrieking, wet elephants stampeding out of your butt? Good news! There’s finally a solution to silence those embarrassing noises. Introducing Ataku, an app that masks gross bathroom sounds by broadcasting noises of a running shower or sink.

The app’s developer claims his invention is for the greater good of the environment. Instead of actually running the shower or sink, thus slowly depleting our precious earth of its most sacred asset, you’re just wasting your battery instead. At least that’s a replenishing resource.

The app’s description reads:

‘Akatu Fake Shower is an awareness tool that, in a light-hearted manner, allows keeping privacy between couples avoiding wasting water.’ ‘Why? Because many people turn on the faucet or shower only to prevent the other from hearing the “sounds of nature” in the bathroom.

Somewhere, Oprah is smiling.