News Vet Mark Whitaker Will Write Bill Cosby Bio

Mark Whitaker

Mark Whitaker

Mark Whitaker, who resigned as the executive vice president and managing editor for CNN Worldwide this past January, has signed a deal with Simon & Schuster to write a biography of comedian Bill Cosby. The deal was announced today in Publishers Marketplace. 

“Mark Whitaker’s biography of Bill Cosby [will trace] the comedian’s remarkable rise from an impoverished, wayward youth in a Philadelphia housing project to a career as one of America’s most successful and wealthy entertainers,” the announcement said, and will “also [examine] Cosby’s impact on race relations and on our national debate over the role of parenting and education.”

The book sold to editor Alice Mayhew at Simon & Schuster and will be published in the fall of 2014

This is not the first time that Simon & Schuster will publish a book by Mr. Whitaker. Mr. Whitaker’s My Long Trip Home, a memoir about growing up in an interracial family, was published by S&S in 2011. Before going CNN, Mr. Whitaker was the senior vice president and Washington bureau chief for NBC News and was the editor of Newsweek from 1998 to 2006.

Sure seems like S&S has been acquiring a lot of books lately by a range of authors. First Cat Marnell, then Hillary Clinton, now Mark Whitaker. Who’s next?