MySpace Tom Now Just Begging for Likes on Instagram

Tom, what are you doing?

These would get dirty quickly. (Photo: Instagram)

These would get dirty quickly. (Photo: Instagram)

MySpace cofounder-turned-Internet jagoff Tom Anderson really wants your approval. On his Twitter account earlier today, Mr. Anderson broke the cardinal rule of social media: he asked for likes.

The man affectionately known as “MySpace Tom” asked his followers to double tap on an Instagram of a pair of Toms shoes (GET IT?) emblazoned with his infamous MySpace selfie in order to land it on the popular page.

Sadly, Mr. Anderson’s followers did not come to his aid. As of this writing, the photo racked up just 1,300 likes, probably because the shoes lack proper arch support.

Stick to posting your heavily edited vacation pictures on your Twitter account, Mr. Anderson. This is not the proper way to build your #personal #brand.