City Unveils Exciting New App That Lets You Refill Your Parking Meter

Doesn't accept Bitcoins though.

Fancy parking meter. (Photo: Flickr)

Fancy parking meter. (Photo: Flickr)

Be gone, parking meter anxiety!  Today Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled  a new app that lets users refill their meters remotely, thus eliminating the debilitating mental condition of worrying when the parking meter maid is going to strike next.

The free pilot program is currently being tested on nearly 300 meters in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx, according to a press release from the Mayor’s office. The New York Post notes that the initiative was announced in 2009 but is now finally being deployed.

Drivers will have to register on PayByPhone’s website with their licence plate number and credit card information before they can use the app. The “technology,” as the release states, will even alert users via email or text messages when their time is about to expire, as well as show where open parking spots might be. So servicey.

Mayor Bloomberg said in the release the app is the latest example of bringing “parking and driving in New York City into the 21st century.” Just wait until he hears about driverless cars.