Practice Safe Sexts: Here Is a Condom For Your Smartphone

"Keep them in your wallet for that special situation or emergency occasion, and know that your smartphone has protection at a moment’s notice."



Want to check your phone from the pool, but too afraid that your warranty plan won’t cover water damage? The folks at Firebox have a solution for you: it’s a condom. For your phone. Yeah:

“You never know when you’ll get lucky… enough to take your phone to the beach, or on a boat, or cycling in the rain, or driving a rally car, or riding a camel in the desert.

But thanks to the sleek and stretchy Condoms for Smartphone, you’ll never have to say no to an unexpected bit of excitement again.”

They also make them for iPads, because you never know when you’ll want to get hot and heavy with your electronic device.

Think it protects against digital STDs?