Don’t Even THINK You’re Going to Get Away with Vining that Prince Concert


Please don't sue me, Prince! (Wikipedia)

Please don’t sue me, Prince! (Wikipedia)

Prince is a legendary for three things: His music; his overall wackiness; and his scorched-earth policy toward digital bootleggers. The man seems to spend more time playing whack-a-mole with concert clips on YouTube than recording new music. Post so much as a video of your kids dancing to one of his songs, and he’ll happily spend the next three years in court.

And now, with the proliferation of new video-sharing services, Prince has enough work to keep his fleet of lawyers in Brooks Brothers for decades to come. For example, The Next Web reports that Twitter has already received a Vine-related takedown request from Prince’s NPG Records:

A representative of NPG Records wrote to Twitter to say eight video clips hosted on Vine contained “unauthorized recordings” and “unauthorized synchronizations” and asked the company to remove them immediately.

They grow up so fast!