Professor Who Apparently Never Left 3rd Grade Wants to Study the Health Benefits of Eating Boogers

Who needs Jamba Juice with an immunity boost when you can just eat your own boogers?



The next time you catch a person across from you on the subway digging for nose treasure, consider this: a professor at the University of Saskatchewan believes there may actually be some legitimate health benefits to consuming your own boogers.

In what could be a life-changing academic pursuit for both little kids and unhygienic grownups, biochemistry professor Scott Napper intends to get his students excited about the wonderful world of science by launching an in-depth investigation into the effects of picking your nose and eating it. Professor Napper argues that because nasal mucus traps germs, you may actually be helping improve your immune system by purposefully consuming those little morsels.

According to The Canadian Press, Professor Napper is planning a study where he attaches a molecule to the noses of a group of people, then has half of them pick and half of them abstain in order to determine the health benefits associated with boogers.

So, anybody want to pick their nose? Ya know…for science.