Ronald McDonald’s First Televised Appearance Culled Directly From Your Nightmares (Video)



Back in 1963, Willard Scott was not yet the famous weatherman of The Today Show; the predecessor to Al Roker. He was just a guy looking for a gig…any gig, as this newly unearthed McDonald’s commercial reveals. Brought to the light of day for the burger joint’s 50th anniversary, this television spot featuring Mr. Scott as Ronald McDonald raises way more questions than it answers. Mostly “How is that even a clown?”, “Is that a cup on his nose?” and “Will I ever sleep again?”

Oh, and in case that wasn’t terrifying enough, Mr. Scott also took over the role of Bozo the Clown for awhile:

But besides Mr. Scott’s affinity for clowning around, how creepy is that McDonald’s costume? Did people not know what clowns looked like back in the early 60s? Wasn’t this before Stephen King wrote IT?

Jesus Christ guys, did Draper sign off on this?