No, The San Diego Zoo Is Not Giving Away Free Monkeys on Craigslist

And, for the record, they're apes.

Not for sale. (Photo by Flickr)

Not for sale. (Photo by Flickr)

Not even monkeys are safe from insufferable April Fool’s Day jokes. The San Diego Zoo found itself in the crosshairs of a ridiculous Craigslist hoax Monday when somebody named “Andrea,” who identified herself as the zoo’s chimpanzee trainer, offered to give away two baby monkeys for free.

Like most decent Craigslist deals, the free monkey giveaway turned out to be a fake. San Diego’s hard-hitting 10News team tried contacting the scammer (“Andrea” didn’t pick up her presumably banana-shaped phone) and the zoo confirmed that no, they don’t just give monkeys away on Craigslist.

Not only was the zoo’s spokesperson annoyed at the prank, but he took issue with the incorrect zoological definitions used in the post.

“First of all, chimpanzees aren’t monkeys; they’re apes … and no, we aren’t giving any away … apparently, there’s a bit of tomfoolery on April Fool’s Day,” said zoo official Rick Schwartz.

Mr. Schwartz added that you should squash any of your desires to adopt the adorable animals because they could actually kill you.

So is the offer transferrable to dolphins or…?