Scumbag Scammers Using the Boston Bombing to Spread Malware

Don't click on emails from unfamiliar names that promise "Boston Explosion Caught on Video."

Scumbags. (Photo: Sophos)

Scumbags. (Photo: Sophos)

The dirtbags who make malware are at it again. Sophos’s Naked Security blog reports that scammers are already taking advantage of Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon, because they have zero sense of decency.

Scammers are sending out emails with subject lines like, “2 Explosions at Boston Marathon,” “Aftermath to explosion at Boston Marathon,” and “Boston Explosion Caught on Video.” Inside the emails is a link to a website with the promised YouTube videos–plus a Windows virus. “Clearly, there are no depths to which cybercriminals are not prepared to stoop in their hunt for victims,” Sophos said.

As the Daily Dot points out, it’s not the first attempt to capitalize on the horrible incident–see the fake Twitter account that popped up almost immediately, soliciting RTs for $1 donations–and it probably won’t be the last. A little skepticism goes a long way. Sophos concludes acidly:

“Remember to be on your guard against such tactics. Maybe it’s time to get your news from legitimate news websites rather than an unsolicited email which arrives in your inbox?”

Might want to pass that along to your great aunt that forwards all the chain letters.