Possibly Drunk Scientists Demand More Research on Hangover Cures

C'mon, science!

(Photo: Tumblr)

(Photo: Tumblr)

Hangovers, amiright? Sometimes the only way to cure one is to have a greasy breakfast sandwich from the closest bodega, chased with some grade-A seltzer water and a mountain of regret. It seems strange that in a culture that glorifies alcohol as much as ours, we haven’t yet discovered a foolproof way to get rid of the headache/pukey feeling a night of binge drinking can bring.

Science, for one, is fed up with this BS. NBC News reports that (possibly drunk) scientists are rising up and demanding we conduct more research on a hangover cure. The important stuff, ya know?

According to NBC, hangovers account for a $148 billion loss to American companies each year, which is mostly just kind of impressive. UCSD professor Alyson Mitchell argued at the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting that doing more research on hangover cures could help save companies loads of cash every year.

”Hangovers are so common and prevalent in every society,” Ms. Mitchell told NBC. “[Yet] I found it to be almost shocking that there is so little real research done on hangovers.”

Think we can sic Bill Nye on this one?