Sheryl Sandberg, Please Report to the Courthouse

Let's talk antitrust.

sheryl sandberg Sheryl Sandberg, Please Report to the Courthouse

Ms. Sandberg, who has a date with some lawyers.

Seven Silicon Valley giants stand accused of making a no-poaching pact with each other. Such a cease-fire would violate antitrust laws, and a lawsuit filed in 2011 is currently crawling slowly through the legal system. The latest development in the case, according to Bloomberg News: Facebook COO and leaner-in Sheryl Sandberg will likely be questioned as part of the proceedings.

Facebook isn’t among the defendants but Google, where Ms. Sandberg worked at the time, is. It’s not clear exactly what the court wants to discuss with Ms. Sandberg. She’s not a defendant in the trial, but her employment agreement is among the evidence Google has handed over.

Bloomberg reports:

Plaintiffs argue their discovery has confirmed that senior officers at the companies personally entered into non- solicitation agreements to eliminate competition for each other’s employees, kept the pacts hidden from the workers, supervised the implementation of the plans and policed each other.

We eagerly await the meeting of Ms. Sandberg and presiding judge Lucy Koh, whom you might remember for her brusque responses during the Apple-Samsung case.