Survey: Majority of Customers Think Even a Dirt Sandwich is Better Than a BlackBerry

71 percent won't buy a BlackBerry, nope, not gonna happen.

THX BUT NO THX (Photo: Wikimedia Commons,by ScaredPoed)

THX BUT NO THX (Photo: Wikimedia Commons,by ScaredPoed)

Sorry, BBM devotees: Not only is the number of people with whom you can exchange pins dwindling rapidly, but now you have to face the disapproval of the whole smartphone-carrying world, too.

According to AllThingsD, a recent survey asked customers what smartphone they wouldn’t buy under any circumstances. 20 percent aren’t interested in iPhones; 31 percent wouldn’t deign to carry an Android. A whopping 71 percent said they’d never buy a BlackBerry–no way, no how, not even if it came preloaded with Mad Men spoilers and a box of chocolate-covered cherries.

Pretty soon it’s just going to be a handful of Canadians and Eric Schmidt stubbornly holding down the fort. Sorry, Canada.