Tim Cook Is Very Sorry Apple Angered the State-Run Media of China

And it's not about worker conditions at Foxconn, either.

WWDC. (Photo: flickr.com/deerkoski)

WWDC. (Photo: flickr.com/deerkoski)

It seems Apple’s implacable customer service department finally met its match, in the form of China’s state-run media.

The Wall Street Journal reports that, for the last two weeks, prominent media outlets China Central Television and The People’s Daily have subjected Apple to a  campaign of criticism about the way it treats its Chinese customers, including numerous editorials and a prime-time special which “offered examples of the company’s resellers failing to honor warranties appropriately.” Broadcasters harped on unfair warranty policies, in particular. In response, Tim Cook has now issued the second personal apology of his tenure.

In a letter on the company’s Chinese site, he wrote:

“We are aware that a lack of communications…led to the perception Apple’s attitude was arrogant and that we do not care and attach importance to consumer feedback. We express our sincere apologies for any concerns or misunderstandings this gave consumers.”

He promised a review of the company’s warranty policy.

Good thing there’s a statute of limitations on apologies for every time Steve Jobs was a dick to someone.