To Do Tuesday: SCENE and Heard

Dave Matthews.SCENE and Heard" />

Dave Matthews.

The Committee is not exactly a secret organization; more like a think tank for cute, cool young professionals. It has hosted talks featuring everyone from designer Barbara Tfank to DJs Brendan Fallis and Mick Boogie to a private art exhibit with Dave Matthews, who paints quite well when not making music that pot smokers love to toke and sway to. Tonight, The Committee talks to lil’ ol’ me, Peter Davis, about Observer Media’s SCENE magazine, of which I am editor in chief. Grilling me with hopefully loving questions about my career and influences will be Isabel Wilkinson, editor and chief fashion correspondent at The Daily Beast/Newsweek. This all goes down at Amy Sacco’s boîte No. 8, so there will be lots of booze, not just bottled water.

No. 8, 357 West 16th Street, (212) 206-1096, 8-11pm, by invitation only.