Marketers Clearly Know You Read Twitter While Sitting on the Couch and Thinking About Snacks

Lots of TV and plenty of food.

#NoThanks (Photo via Rap Genius, IDK)

#NoThanks (Photo via Rap Genius, IDK)

If you’ve ever found yourself glancing over at Twitter’s trending topics and marveling at the grasping desperation of a promotion–stop trying to make #HotNSpicy happen, McDonalds–then AllThingsD has the survey results for you.

A CNBC social media strategist spent a month keeping track of who bought what promoted trends in the U.S. In 32 days, he saw 26 promoted trends. At the rate-card price of $200,000 a pop, that adds up to $5.2 million, plus whatever companies purchased in promoted tweets on top of that. Sweet, sweet revenue!

As for who’s doing the buying, it’s basically the same brands you’d see mobbing any other massive platform: “Nearly half of those came from Big Media companies pushing movies and TV shows; another chunk came from food-and-beverage marketers,” reports ATD. In the course of a week you might’ve seen #BatesMotel, #TheHobbit, and, yes, #HotNSpicy.

So, basically, marketers have figured out that you browse Twitter while vegging out on the couch, flipping channels and pondering a fast-food trip.

In keeping with the results, today’s promoted tweet is #PremiumMcWrap. Of course, if you click through, you’ll find tweets like:

Twitter advertising: Whatever its virtues, it’s not a panacea for your branding challenges.