Whatta Glasshole: John Doerr Uses Google Glass to Cheat at Scattergories

Bruce Schneier is not impressed.

Mr. Doerr, Scattergories cheater. (Photo: Edge.org)

Mr. Doerr, Scattergories cheater. (Photo: Edge.org)

Google Glass may be used to control wayward traders and birth the beginnings of cyborg celebrity cliques. But one thing it should decidedly not be used for? Cheating at board games you play with your family.

Still, a little board game moralizing won’t stop Kleiner Perkins partner John Doerr from using his face computer to look up words during family game night. According to the New York Times:

Mr. Doerr said he had been wearing the glasses and uses them especially for taking pictures and looking up words while playing Scattergories with his family, though it is questionable whether that follows the game’s rules.

Famed security researcher Bruce Schneier is understandably angered by Mr. Doerr’s blatant abuse of the important rules that govern fair Scattergories play. For one, you’re not allowed to look up words–even if you’re doing so using computer glasses.

In response to the Times, Mr. Schneier wrote on his blog:

Questionable? Questionable? It’s just like using a computer’s dictionary while playing Scrabble, or a computer odds program while playing poker, or a computer chess program while playing an in-person game. There’s no question at all — it’s cheating.

We’re seeing the birth of a new epithet, “glasshole.”


It probably goes without saying that Mr. Doerr should never be allowed in a strip club.