Zach Braff Wants $2M From You to Make a Garden State Followup Film

Rich guy needs your help to make his art project.

(Screencap: Kickstarter)

(Screencap: Kickstarter)

Whether you really related to it as a tween or couldn’t get over the fact that you find Zach Braff annoying as hell, Garden State, the 2004 indie about feeling lost and listless in your 20s, is one of those films from the early aughts that is hard to forget (for better or worse). Its writer and director, Scrubs star and Reddit fav Zach Braff, hasn’t made another film since then, primarily, he claims, due to financing issues.

Now, Mr. Braff has taken to Kickstarter to ask for your money so he can make a followup film to Garden State. It’s also about a lost and listeless guy, but this one’s in his 30s, so it’s different. Plus, he has kids, so like, separate life stages and everything. “It’s not a sequel in story, but a continuation of the tone,” Mr. Braff clarifies on his Kickstarter page.

White guy angst memorialized in a film proposed by a popular Redditor, who was also smart enough to include a cosplay plot element? Throw in a cameo from Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and the money should flow right in.