Booting Up: Saturday Night Live Points Out Google Glass Are Kinda Dorky

Bad news, nerds. (screencap)

Bad news, nerds. (screencap)

Watch Saturday Night Live skewer Google Glass-obsessed tech reporters. [The Verge]

A drone got stuck on a statue on top of a courthouse in Ohio. Welcome to the future! [AP]

“When some future Mars colonist is able to open his browser and watch a cat in a shark suit chasing a duck while riding a roomba, they will have Vint Cerf to thank.” Mmmkay. [Wired]

Betabeat feels obliged to point out that the world’s first 3D-printed gun, the “Liberator,” has the same name as a sex pillow. [Forbes]

The sci fi folk at Tor Books say removing DRM hasn’t put a dent in its ebook sales. [Ars Technica]