Booting Up: Facebook Slipped Into the Fortune 500, Somehow



Facebook is now a Fortune 500 company. [USA Today]

We still don’t know the true identity of “Satoshi Nakamoto,” the enigma who created Bitcoin. But we do know that he/she is likely filthy rich. [The Verge]

Checking in with the progress of the city’s tech campuses. [New York Daily News]

“There are many problems with the assumptions behind the “big data” narrative (above, in a reductive form) being pushed, primarily, by consultants and IT firms that want to sell businesses the next big thing.” [Quartz]

Linguists have identified a few words they say have been kicking around, in one form or another, for 15,000 years. It’s a pretty obvious list: “fire,” “mother,” “not.” [Washington Post]