Booting Up: All the Cool Kids Aren’t Getting Twitter Verified

(Photo: Ynaija)

(Photo: Ynaija)

President Obama issued a mandate yesterday ordering government agencies to make their data “open and machine-readable.” Perhaps soon you’ll have a machine to read Betabeat for you. [Ars Technica]

The U.S. government has been buying up cyberweapons that rely on software holes in widely used programs to attack computers overseas, but that means it doesn’t want everyday consumers to know about their own computers’ vulnerabilities.  [Reuters]

The International Space Station was using Windows up until now, apparently, which seems ill-advised? They’ve finally switched to Linux. [Extreme Tech]

Oh, you got verified on Twitter? Whatever, I don’t even want to be. [The Awl]

Cybercriminals stole $45 million from ATMs across the world in a matter of hours, and their ringleader was a 20-something kid from Brooklyn. [New York Times]

Amazon is reportedly building its own smartphone and it’s going to have a 3D screen. [Wall Street Journal]