Cat Meme Creators Are Suing Scribblenauts Because This Is How Life Works Now

Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat are copyrighted, guys.

(Scribblenauts. (Photo:

(Scribblenauts. (Photo:

Bad news for cat meme enthusiasts: turns out the people who invented both Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat are pretty hardcore about protecting their “intellectual” property. reports that both creators are suing the puzzle action game Scribblenauts for not getting permission to appropriate their respective cats’ likenesses before putting them in the game.

Keyboard Cat’s Charles Schmidt and Nyan Cat’s Christopher Orlando Torres filed a suit against Scribblenauts and its owners 5th Cell Media and Warner Bros. for using the characters “without any licenses or authorizations” in the 2009-2012 versions of the game, as well as employing them to promote Scribblenauts. Both Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Torres have copyrights on their respective memes, because douchiness.

In other news, who wants to scuba down to the bottom of the ocean and cut the Internet cable for good?