Dear Angry Sysadmins, Please Do Not Take It Out on Your Company’s Computers

The FBI says one Long Island man did $90,000 in damage, remotely.

Letting it ride is highly recommended.

Letting it ride is highly recommended.

For the last time: Frustration with your workplace does not justify a campaign of retaliatory vandalism. You are not the IT Count of Monte Cristo.

Today ComputerWorld spins the sorry tale of Long Islander Michael Meneses. The FBI alleges that he quit in a huff after being passed over for a promotion and, rather than simply sending out a few resumes, began remotely sabotaging his former employer to the tune of $90,000 in damages.

Prosecutors claim: 

“Meneses’ efforts ranged from using a former colleague’s e-mail account to discourage new applicants from taking Meneses’ position, to sending commands to alter the business calendar by one month, disrupting the company’s production and finance operations,” the FBI said.

As the complaint alleges, the defendant “engaged in a 21st Century campaign of cyber-vandalism and high-tech revenge,” Loretta E. Lynch, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, stated in the release.

Mr. Meneses pled not guilty and was released on a $50,000 bail. He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, plus fines and payback.

Come on, man, didn’t anyone ever tell you that living well is the best revenge?