Defense Distributed Dudes Celebrate Their 3D-Printed Death Machine With Ridiculous Video

Someone's impressed with himself!

I swear. (Photo: screencap)

You pretty bad, huh. (Photo: screencap)

Last week, Defense Distributed announced the development of the world’s first fully 3D-printed gun. You can now download the CAD files and, theoretically, print your own.

Now, the Daily Dot reports, the libertarian upstarts have released a video to mark this historic occasion. And it pretty much confirms what we’ve suspected all along: These guys have watched too goddamn many science fiction movies.

Titled “the Dawn of Wiki Weapons,” the video opens with ringleader Cody Wilson bro’d out in polo, baseball cap and shades, squaring up to fire the dumbest-looking weapon in the history of mankind. He lets fly, and from there it’s all bombastic music and WW2-era footage meant to knock you over the head with the importance of this moment.

Whoever edited this thing thinks he’s Stanley Kubrick making the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, minus the apes:

Law students, man, I swear.