Explain THAT, Clarissa: Melissa Joan Hart’s Failed Kickstarter Canceled

She raised just $51,605, out of a desired $2 million.

(Photo: Screencap)

(Photo: Screencap)

It’s helped celebs like Zach Braff and Kristen Bell pull together the cash for their passion projects, but it looks like the Kickstarter gravy train has finally dumped a famous person right on her ass. Childhood sassiness role model and erstwhile teen witch Melissa Joan Hart’s project has, sadly, failed abysmally.

Ms. Hart wanted to raise $2 million for Darci’s Walk of Shame, about a school teacher who has sex with a waiter while in Thailand for her sister’s wedding (really). She appealed to her fans: “By playing Darci, I will get the chance to once again be in a fun and hilarious Rom-Com much like Drive Me Crazy…only all grown up and having a roll in the hay with the hot actors in the film!”

Guess no one bit, though, because the numbers were so bad that Ms. Hart pulled the plug on the project. She scraped up only $51,605 from 315 backers.

In perhaps the most humiliating stroke for the showbiz vet, concerned backers are currently doling out advice in the comments section of the Kickstarter. For example, from before Ms. Hart canceled the fundraiser:

“It might even be a good idea already to shut this down, do some more planning using what you’ve learned from this experience, and come back stronger in a couple months. I honestly believe it will look better if you stop this with the intention of coming back with a stronger pitch than if you let it run to the end and it doesn’t succeed.”

Ouch. If we were Kristen Bell, we’d watch out for covert-ops sloths come to enact Ms. Hart’s revenge.