Booting Up: Does Your Smart TV Work? Have You Tried Connecting It to the Internet?

Why won't it work?! (Photo: Rob Bateman,, via Flickr)

Why won’t it work?! (Photo: Rob Bateman,, via Flickr)

Twice as many households have “smart tvs” as streaming devices–but only 69 percent of them are actually connected to the Internet. Grandparents! [GigaOm]

“When I got here, I was very emotionally touched by all the great companies in this area….These were all the companies I had heard of since I was a kid. I felt like I should be here. Like I belong.” [New York Times]

Here is how you remove tagged Instagram posts from your profile. [Wired]

Earlier this year, Mt. Gox and CoinLab teamed up in a partnership to reach the American market more efficiently. Now CoinLab is suing for $75 million in damages. [Gawker]

Do you trust your friends enough to give them the extra set of keys to your Facebook account? [L.A. Times]